The competition

Application deadline extended: Until September 12, 2005 (date of receipt), planning teams from around the world can apply to participate in the competition for the Werkbundsiedlung by submitting a short description of their work. Particular attention will be turned on innovative projects - wether they have already been realised or not – that imply new ways of urban living. From the submissions, a body of experts will select approximately 35 teams for the competition. The task is to develop an urban planning concept for the Werkbundsiedlung and to design an exemplary residential building. Participants have a period about three months to prepare their projects. From the submitted works, the jury will select the urban design that is to become the basis for the building plan.

In addition, the jury will award prizes for approximately 12 designs, the authors of which it will recommend for the realization of the individual building tasks. With the coordination of the design and project advisory board, these planning teams will then work out the concrete plans for the residential buildings and open gardens. This joint discussion process will also include the assignment of planning teams, developers and building sites and a

fine-tuning of the building plan. Thus the Werkbundsiedlung Wiesenfeld will take shape in the tradition of the Werkbund from a close creative collaboration between planning experts of the various disciplines and developers.

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Selection committee, jury, design and project advisory board

The selection committee for the incoming applications is made up of nine experts: Independent specialists, representatives of the Werkbund, of the developers and of the planning department of the City of Munich.